AS3 liquid layout class

I’m sure everyone has needed one of these at one time or another. I just decided to finally get one together for myself.

To use, you first call StageAlignTool.init() and pass in the stage, and optionally a minimum width and a minimum height (defaults to 1024×768).
Next, you call StageAlignTool.registerLocation() and pass in the displayObject you wish to register, which position you wish it to lock to (StageAlignTool .TL means Top Left, StageAlignTool.MC means Middle Center), and optionally if you want it to stay relative to where it is now (true) or snap to the edge of the stage (false).
The class automatically sets your stage scale mode to NO_SCALE and the stage align to TOP_LEFT. It also expects the display objects you pass it to have their registration points in the top left corner.



//StageAlignTool.init(Stage reference[, min width = 1024, min height = 768]);
StageAlignTool.init(stage, 1024, 768);

//StageAlignTool.registerLocation(a DisplayObject, position to lock to[, stay relative to current = false]);
//possible locations are [StageAlignTool.]TL, TC, TR, ML, MC, MR, BL, BC, BR

StageAlignTool.registerLocation(bg, StageAlignTool.MC);

Give it a try and tell me what you think.