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My wife, Kassie has launched her new website for her personal training business in St. Louis, MO. View her site here http://kassiekussman.com . Kassie is a NASM certified personal trainer and a CrossFit certified trainer as well.

She trains at the Club Fitness in Creve Coeur, MO and her prices are very affordable for all the individual attention you receive.

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Helping Threadless automate their printing

This thread is asking for help automating printing and using Data Merge with Adobe InDesign (CS5), here it is.

First download threadless.zip

Edit data.csv as needed, open template.indd and choose Window>Data Merge from the menu. (Adobe Docs)

Click the little “Merge Documents” icon in this panel. It spits out an .indd with a page for each set of data.

Obviously for testing I didn’t set up nice fonts, etc. but you get the point. Read thru the Adobe Docs for the extra details.

Thanks to my lovely wife Kassie for pointing me in the right direction.

Easy auto-width HTML button with 1 background image

Here’s a super simple technique to create a button of variable width in HTML/CSS.

I started here and then stripped it down to only 2 HTML elements, your A and an EM.

This technique uses one background image for the button.

First, create a button image that is about 2x as long as any button would ever be on your site.

Like so:

The rest is in the CSS comments…

<a href="#" class="button"><em>CLICK ME!!!</em></a>


/* Here's the magic sauce
padding left is the space between the left edge of your button and your text
background is set to left top

background:url(../images/largeBtn.png) no-repeat 0 0;

.button em{

/* Here's the magic sauce
margin right is the radius of your rounded corner if you have one (so pngs don't show through behind)
padding right is the space between the right edge of your button and your text
background is set to right top

background:url(../images/largeBtn.png) no-repeat 100% 0;


Whitewave – Sun Cha website

These comps were created for Whitewave’s Sun Cha brand energy drink. It’s a natural tea drink that’s caffeine free so you don’t get the rush/crash with most other energy drinks.
The campaign is titled ‘Take back the afternoon’ and the site was built to look like a public rally for those who wish to take back their afternoon.

Interactive Art Director – Julian Kussman, Copywriter – Kay Cochran