Tower Grove Wallpaper

A friend asked me for some Tower Grove art she could hang in her office. I was happy to oblige with a little filter-y, pixel-y magic. This is suitable for a desktop wallpaper or printing at 17″ x 11″.

Click the image for the full size.

Quick Discount Calculator – DisCalc

I’ve whipped up a quick little web app called DisCalc. Visit it here:

Enter an item’s cost, click the discount button (common percentages plus enter your own custom). Click ‘Add to list’ to add it to your running shopping total.

You can save this to your iPhone’s home screen to use it without Safari chrome. I’ve also implemented HTML5 localStorage to allow saving your running total between launches/restarts.

Have fun 🙂

AS3 bitmap mosaic class

This class will allow you to create a pixellated copy of any display object.

It allows for varying pixel sizes and caching of rendered pixels so you don’t have to redraw them every time.


Usage is as follows:

var myMoz:Mosaic = new Mosaic(yourDisplayObj:DisplayObject, pixelSize:uint, useCache:Boolean);


var myMoz:Mosaic = new Mosaic(yourDisplayObj);
myMoz.pixelSize = 10;

Give it a try and let me know what you think.