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This Extension is out of date and does not work. Sorry for any inconvenience. Blame Twiiter and OAuth.


This Extension will place your Twitter feed in a bar in Safari.
The first time you run it, Twitter will want your credentials. The extension doesn’t process these, it goes straight to Twitter.

Click links in tweets
Click @replies and click author usernames
Toolbar button to hide/show bar
Only one bar shows in one window, click toolbar button to make that window the active TweetBar window

Preview of twitpic images
Eventually, OAuth with posting/replying/DMs etc.


60 thoughts on “TweetBar – Safari 5 Extension

  1. As it is, I believe it’s cookie based. The same as visiting I will update it eventually to have a settings page where you can have whatever account you like. (It’s just more work, OAuth and all that)

    • You need to either hold Option when you click the link or right click and do Save As… Safari doesn’t know how to handle those extensions yet.

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    • Making the font bigger would require the text to be on one line, you’d only be able to see about 2 tweets then.

  4. TweetBar causes Safari to crash when a site opens a popup window. I’m not talking about ads (I have to popup blocker turned on), but popups that open when links are clicked.

    Example: Go to and try to schedule a carrier pickup. Click the calendar icon instead of picking the date from the popup list – the window will open and Safari will crash. I reopened Safari, used the popup lists instead for the date, but then the site opened another popup telling me that I had to be present for my carrier to accept international packages, and Safari crashed again. This is just one example, I had this happen on a number of sites which is why I disabled all extensions and went through them one by one to figure out who the culprit was.

    Thanks for the extension – I do like the feature, but I have to disable it since I can’t get any work done if my entire browser keeps crashing all day.

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  6. If you’re hosting your own .safariextz file using Apache, make sure to add:


    AddType application/x-safari-extension safariextz


    to .htaccess in the hosting directory, or instead of downloading it as a binary file, users may get a page of gibberish when they click on a link to it.

  7. @Jonathan
    I can’t find the page you’re looking at. If you can send a link I’ll check it out. This extension is fully self contained and has no interaction with the window or page content.

  8. Mark :

    Can you post tweets to your feed with Tweetbar, and alos shorten the current safari URL with it?

    You can’t do any of that with this extension, but, the beauty of extensions is you can combine them and use them in parallel.

    I know for a fact there are 2 other extensions that do the things you’re asking. Check

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  11. This extension doesn’t seem to work for me at all. I put in my credentials in the resulting dialogue box, and the tweet bar appears blank. Clicking the TweetBar button makes it disappear (I assume it’s a toggle), but another click make it appear and immediately vanish.

    Any thoughts?

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    • The font size will not be changing. There are very limited and fixed options in terms of space available in a Toolbar.
      The design is well planned.

    • Go to, log in (or log out then log in), then try disabling/enabling the extension in preferences.

      Let me know if you continue to have problems.

  14. Since upgrading to Safari 5.0.1, I’ve been experiencing strange crashes when Safari has no open window. I’ve tested all other extensions, and TweetBar seems to be the culprit. Has anyone else experienced this?

    << I just pushed a little update (v1.16) that should fix this. Anyone else having problems please let me know here.

  15. Julian- It looks like you’re the leader in bringing Twitter to Safari! I’ve noticed that Tweet Bar is not displaying retweets, though. Also, in terms of functionality adds: Can there be a way in the future to have a click on the tweet itself pop open a reply window within the browser, much like clicks on the links and user ID open a page in a new tab?

  16. How do I switch twitter accounts? I tried clearing the cache, clearing the cookies, disabling/enabling the extension, uninstalling/re-installing the extension, and tried logging in and out of twitter, none of which seems to work.

  17. like Karwood, i also find that retweets aren’t displayed if the retweeter used twitter’s own retweet function, but are retweeted if the retweeter just adds “RT” to the tweet.

    otherwise a really useful

    and probably a stupid question: if you update the extension at some stage, will ours update too automatically?

  18. I have the same problem as a few of the above. I recently changed my twitter name so the extension is still looking for that name.

    Ive tried to log out /log in – disable enable extensions etc – but to no avail.

    Im stuck, i need the extension to ask me for my twitter details again like it does the first time round.


  19. Are you going to fix this for OAuth anytime soon? Twitter is shutting off Basic Auth by the end of the month, and the extension doesn’t work at all right now (they shut it off for 10 minutes).

    Thank you for the great extension!

  20. Love the extension and it worked perfectly…that was until I changed my Twitter name…stuck on the old account, even after deleting it / re-installing it, clearing cookies / cache, etc…Hopefully this is something that can be fixed b/c it’s a very useful extension. Thanks for your work this. Hopefully I can use it again when you release an update.

  21. I don’t know what I did differently from last time. Logged out of Twitter, deleted cookies, uninstalled the extension, cleared cache and history, and logged back into Twitter. Reinstalled the extension and then got a password request from the Twitter API and things are back on track now!

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  23. i have been using tweetbar for a while, it’s a great little thing. in the last couple of days, i get this ‘error:401 Unauthorized’ only. i didn’t change anything in my twitter account settings. what’s going on? i tried to uninstall and reinstall. no dice. any tip? thanks

  24. I too am having the Error: 401, Unauthorized problem.

    I followed the instructions above and still can’t access. It’s a really nice extension if it worked

  25. Hi! I’m having the same problem as everyone, which makes sense as Twitter now demands OAuth authentification, whatever that is. It would be wonderful if it could be implemented in TweetBar, which is/was a very cool extension. Thank you, Julian, if you can do it. And thanks anyway for the time it worked…

  26. Moin, seit einiger Zeit läuft bei mir auch nix mehr mit dem oben genannten Fehler ;o(

    Ich habe nix geändert!

  27. I’m having the same problem with tweetbar in safari. It worked great for a month, but now I’m getting the “unauthorized” message. I’ve tried all the fixes described above. Julian, please respond to these messages so that we can figure out what to do. The extension is really valuable. We’d like to have it back.


  28. It was a Great little app when it worked Julian; I used it 24/7. i would have paid for it too, but now its useless to most.

  29. Ever since I entered the incorrect credentials, I can’t get this thing to work. I’ve logged in/out of; installed, deleted, re-installed; activated, deactivated All I get is Error: 401, Unauthorized.

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  31. When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get four e-mails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove people from that service? Many thanks!

  32. I installed Tweet Bar today but only get the 401, despite manually logging in to Twitter in Safari.

    I am unsure how Tweet Bar is supposed to log you in, if you don’t give it those details (e.g. in the Prefs).

    Trying to disable Tweet Bar meanwhile then crashed Safari (OSX latest). Restarting Safari automatically relogged me into Twitter on that tab, but Tweet Bar still says 401.

    Is this project still current?

    • It’s not current unfortunately. Twitters OAuth is basically impossible to implement through JS without running my own server to process all calls to the API. Sorry.

  33. Julian,

    Can you tell Apple (probably on to remove TweetBar from the Safari Extensions Gallery? It’s misleading as it is now.

    As for the OAuth issue: OAuth itself can be done in JS, but that would mean exposing the API consumer key and secret inside the plugin. Not sure if this is a good idea. I’ll look into it.

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