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It is a landing page for a banner campaign for Energizer’s Energi To Go iPod charger. The concept was mocking ‘relationship aide’ products such as Viagra or even dating sites. One huge bug though is that something with the Tween class in ActionScript 3 makes some tweens just decide to up and stop when running in Firefox, which means that if you’re visiting with FF you’ll only see the HTML page 🙁 If you would like to give me your feedback on the Flash version it’s directly linked here

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  1. Hey

    It seems like it’s the garbage collector that’s causing this. You’re not alone. 🙂

    Try setting the tween object in a larger scope, so it won’t be disposed.

  2. Hi,
    we are having the same exact problem. On IE, it works fine, but I found out that the problem doesn’t only occur on FF, but also in Safari. I did my research and Garbage Collector is not the only issue, but how the browser gather data. I also resolved the Garbage Collector issue by creating an Array variable and storing the tweens there “var myTweens:Array = [];”. I thought this would solve the issue. Until now, I am still doing my research. I will try using Tweenlite, its a lighter version of Tween Class and I heard ti runs smoother..

    • So, since this happened I permanently gave up on Adobe’s Tween class and switched over to using the TweenLite/TweenMax classes from Greensock.
      These are a million times better and have very advanced features. And, the next version will integrate with Grant Skinner’s own GTween class.

      I had to go back to this project months later and convert all the old ‘Tween’ code to ‘TweenLite’ code.

      I hope this serves as a warning for anyone else.

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